Atomic Models and Structure

Model of the Atom

Early Models

    Early Models Worksheet

Photoelectric Effect and Black Bodies

deBroglie, Heinsenberg, and Schrodinger

Quantim Numbers

Energy Level Diagrams
     Energy Level Diagrams Worksheet
     Energy Level Diagrams Worksheet Answers

Electron Configuration
     Electron Configuration Worksheet
     Electron Configuration Worksheet Answers

Electron Configuration of Ions
     Electron Configuration of Ions Worksheet
     Electron Configuration of Ions Worksheet Answers

Periodic Table and Electron Configuration
     PT and EC Worksheet
     PT and EC Worksheet Answers

Octet Rule and the Electron Configuration
     Octet Rule and the EC Worksheet
     Octet Rule and the EC Worksheet

Magnetism and Electron Configuration
     Magnetism and Electron Configuration Worksheet
     Magnetism and Electron Configuration Worksheet Answers

Stuctures and Properties of Molecules

Lewis Structure
     Lewis Structure Worksheet
     Lewis Structure Worksheet Answer

Valence Bond Theory
     Valence Bond Theory Worksheet
     Valence Bond Theory Worksheet Answers

VSEPR Theory
     VSEPR Theory Worksheet
     VSEPR Theory Worksheet Answers
     Molecular Geometry Worksheet
     Molecular Geometry Worksheet

Polar molecules
     Polar Molecules Worksheet
     Polar Molecules Worksheet Answers

Properties of Liquids
     Properties of Liquids Worksheet
     Properties of Liquids Worksheet Answers

Bonding in Solids
     Bonding in Solids Worksheet
     Bonding in Solids Worksheet Answers